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...bringing the real spirit of Christmas to your event...

Giving From The Heart

The concept of "giving from the heart" goes back to the days of St. Nicholas, the origin of Santa Claus.

For me, Christmas is not about one day of the year, it’s about bringing this spirit all year long. I always carry candy canes  with me, for the children (of all ages) who recognize me at the grocery store,  shopping at the mall, or where ever I may be.

Allow me bring this spirit to your Holiday event this year. We will sing the old Christmas carols together, read a Christmas story, or talk about what goes on at the North Pole. 

But it doesn’t have to be Christmas for Santa to visit! Perhaps there is a birthday, day care, corporate or home party, or a parade on your agenda. Do you have a sick child who would benefit from a visit from Santa, or perhaps having an early Christmas for a terminally ill family member. Again, being Santa Claus is a year long, daily event.

I have put a lot of thought and expense into my custom-made outfits to make Santa Claus real for the children.  For the adults, I want to remind them of the real person: St. Nicholas. My beard is real as is my heart-felt spirit.